Our trained experts will measure and make an exact template of your kitchen, bath or special project. The template will contain information regarding the location of sinks, seams and edgeste

A template is an exact pattern of your future countertops created by the fabricator who produces it.
In order to create an accurate template of your future countertops, all of the following conditions must be met:

  • Your cabinets need to be finished and level ( WE SALE CABINETS)
  • Your countertops must be removed (unless we have included removal in your contract)
  • You must have finished walls where countertops will be secured
  • Sinks, stove, and faucets must be on site
  • Corbels or support must also be installed
  • Decision maker MUST be present in order to verify and sign off on all countertop details

Granite as a natural stone has a very varied look, just like our customers' design ideas. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, and so we allow you to customize your countertops to a degree that none of our competition can.

Choosing the color of granite for your countertops is not enough. Sometimes slabs can vary in color and pattern, even within one batch, so we want you to select your own slabs that we'll use for your project.

The wide range of edge profiles is also useful to change the look of your countertops. Whether you pick something modern like a beveled edge, or more traditional such as an ogee, we have the edge designs that match every kitchen. But the real freedom starts with custom shapes of your countertops. A corner bumpout can truly accent your stylized corbels and make the granite really fit in with your cabinetry. We have the tools and the skill it takes to make your designs come true. Take a look at our gallery to see what others have done with their ideas.



A bridge saw is used to cut the stone slab into the proper shape for its application, whether it be a countertop or a sink. These saws typically use circular metal blades studded with diamonds, and water is sprayed onto the blade to cool it during the cutting process.

A Bridge Saw is a sawing and sizing machine for marble, granite, slate, sandstone, limestone and other natural stones. A Bridge Saw comprises of a bridge on which the cutter head slides. An important manufacturing aspect of the Bridge Saw is its robust and sturdy construction to ensure vibration free movement. It is important that the Bridge saw performs straight, accurate and smooth cuts. The important working parameters of a Bridge Saw are: maximum cutting length, maximum cutting width, maximum cutting thickness, Rail length and maximum diameter of the circular saw blade which can be installed. Bridge Saw with twin heads is also manufactured. Advanced Bridge Saw machines are installed with micro computer controls allowing programming and automatic cutting sequences.


Edge Shaping & Polishing

We utilize the most advanced fabrication processes available on the market. We implement CNC (computer numerically controlled) machinery for granite processing. Why are these machines so important? Without them, all of the fabrication would have to be done by hand.

It's a slow and tedious process, which requires more labor. The cost of hand fabrication is much higher because more people and time are needed to complete the job. So, what most fabricators do to save time is the so called "dry-cutting". In essence, they do not use water to polish the stone. Not using water results in a low quality finish on the edges of the stone. The edges look dull and once you swipe your hand along the edge, you will feel bumps and unevenness. With CNC technology, these problems are gone. Our machinery always uses water, and since it is controlled by a computer, it follows the line of the edge perfectly, keeping constant pressure on the stone. That guarantees smooth, shiny edges without the bumps.

Guaranteed satisfaction! With our dedication to extraordinary customer service and satisfaction we are confident in our ability to outperform all others. We’ve been able to continually grow and find new ways to better serve our friends and customers


Approximately 10 business days after templating, the top will be fabricated and ready for installation. We will contact you to arrange for a date and time for the installation process. Our installers will arrive at the jobsite as early as possible. This may fluctuate depending on jobsite location and the drive time required. Installation may normally take one day, but there are some large jobs that take longer to finish. Our installers are artists; they must create a piece that is durable and visually stunning. We strive to be diplomatic and pleasant when installing your chosen stone.

The installation area should be free of construction materials and appliances. This allows our crew to come in and immediately go to work. The jobsite should have water and electricity available to the installers. We are not licensed to work on plumbing or electricity. Others must handle all water and electrical disconnections.

When your granite or marble counter has been installed and cleaned, our technicians will apply a penetrating sealer to the surface of the countertops. Installation is now complete. Before our crew leaves the jobsite we will be sure the work area is clean.

We want to be certain you or your client is satisfied. Please make a final inspection of your job.